Natural resources

07 Jul

Group 6

Natural Resource

Natural resources are the potential resources contained within the earth (soil), water, and aerospace industries that can be utilized to meet the needs and interests of people who mean everything that is available in nature and utilized for human needs.

Natural resources are divided into two natural resources are renewable and natural resources are not renewable.

  • Natural resources that can be updated He is the source that can grown back presence and can be used continuously, for example: water, air, soil, animals and plants. Natural resources we have to keep sustainability in order not to damage the ecosystem balance.
  • Natural resources that can not be updated He is the natural resources which if used constantly will run out. Natural resources that can not be updated that example minerals that exist in the bowels of the earth such as petroleum, coal, tin and nickel. We must use these natural resources as efficiently as possible. Because, like coal, will be formed after millions of years later. Distribution of natural resources is not always abundant. There are some natural resources are limited in number. sometimes in the process of its formation requires a relatively long period of time and can not be waiting by three or four generations of human ancestry.
  • Natural resources can also be divided into two living natural resources and natural resources are non-biological.
  • Natural resources are natural resources are derived from living (biotic) such as agriculture, plantations, aquaculture, and fisheries. Biological resources is one of the resources can be recovered or renewable (renewable resources) which consists of flora and fauna. Biological resources can be interpreted literally as a resource that has life and death. The types of biological resources include trees, fish, seaweed, plankton, zooplankton, phytoplankton, tigers, ants, worms, sea grass, coral reefs, seagrass, and so on.
  • SDA is a non-biological natural resources derived from non-living beings (abiotic). Such as: water, land, mining goods.

    Examples of Natural Resources that can be renewed

1) Water
Water is the main requirement of all living beings. For humans than for drinking, bathing and washing, water is also beneficial:

1. as a means of transportation
2. as a means of tourism / recreation
3. as a means of irrigation / irrigation
4. as Hydropower (Water Power)

2) Air
Moving air and the move is called wind. The layer of air called the atmosphere surrounds the earth. Ozone layer serves to protect the earth from ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun. Wind can be used also as a source of energy using windmills generating electricity.

3)      Ground
Soil is the top layer of the earth’s crust formed from the weathering of rocks and organic materials are destroyed by natural process. Land lots are used for planting of agricultural natural resources. Agriculture includes crops for staple foods, such as rice, corn and sago. Crops consisted of potatoes and beans, and horticulture which includes various types of vegetables and fruits.

4)      Animal
Animals in Indonesia can be classified into two, namely wild animals and pets. Wild animals are animals that live in the wild and can feed themselves, for example from species of birds, fish and insects. Pets are animals kept for hobby or pleasure, for example turtledove birds, guinea pigs, cats and parrots. Farm animals are animals bred for later use or sale.

5)      Agriculture
Agriculture in Indonesia produce various kinds of plants, including rice, corn, soybeans, vegetables, chili, onions and various fruits, like oranges, apples, mango, and durian. Indonesia is known as an agricultural country because most of the population of Indonesia has a livelihood in agriculture or farming.

  • paddy à rice is the raw material that became the staple food of Indonesian society.
  • Corn fodder à Materials made in addition to the staple food of certain areas
  • Rubber àraw materials manufacture automobile tires or motorcycle / bicycle
  • cotton àtextile raw materials
  • tobacco à smoking and drug raw materials
  • coffee beverage àmanufacturing raw materials
  • raw cane sugar Forà For the vanilla flavoring
  • Agave à Useful for making rope
  • Rosela à Useful materials for the manufacture of gunny sack
  • Kina  à To make malaria drugs

6)      Plantation
This type of plantation crops in Indonesia include rubber, cocoa, tobacco tea, quinine, palm oil, cotton, cloves and sugar cane. Various types of plants is an export crop (activity send goods abroad) that generate foreign exchange (savings for the state).

7)      Plant
Plants are …
The benefits of plants, among others:

  • Generating oxygen for humans and animals;
  • Reducing the pollution because it can absorb the carbon dioxide that plants use for photosynthesis;
  • Prevent erosion, landslides and floods;
  • industrial materials, industrial materials such as palm oil;
  • Food items, such as paddy into rice;
  • Materials drinks, eg tea and ginger.

Examples of Natural Resources that can not be renewed

1)      Coal
Coal comes from ancient plants that died millions of years ago. Coal is widely used as a fuel for industrial and domestic purposes. Used to fuel industry and households.

2)      Petroleum
Petroleum is derived from animals (plankton) and micro-micro-organism that died millions of years.

3)      Gold and Silver

4)      Iron and Tin
Iron derived from materials mixed with soil, sand and so on. Iron is a material deposition and metal is white. Tin from tin ore-ore stored in the earth.

5)      Petroleum
• Avtur to fuel aircraft;
• Gasoline for motor vehicle fuel;
• kerosene oil lamps for raw materials;
• Solar to fuel diesel vehicles;
• LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) to fuel a gas stove;
• Oil is material for engine lubricants;
• Petroleum jelly is an ointment for medicinal ingredients;
• Paraffin wax to the fabric, and
• Asphalt for road construction materials (produced on the island of Buton)

6)      Iron Ore
For household appliances, agricultural and other

7)      Copper
the metal type that yellowish, soft and malleable.

8)      Bauxite

9)      Marble
For home building materials or building

10)  Sulfur
For the ingredients of skin diseases and lighters

11)  Iodine
For drugs and iodized salt gatherers

12)  Nickel
For coating materials that are not easily corroded iron.

13)  Natural Gas
For fuel gas burner

14)  Manganese
For the manufacture of steel-making

15)  Graphite
Useful for making pencils

Topic : Natural Resources
Leader : Novi Tri susanti

  1. Novi Trisusanti
  2. Bambang Prio Utomo
  3. R.M Eki Prasetiyo
  4. M Iqbal
  5. Noval Gumilar
  6. Septian Lingga
  7. Mansyuh Aidir
  8. Ebid
  9. Cornelius
  10. Deni Ronald Christian
  11. Patrol
  12. Sukirno
  13. Abi Y B
  14. Hudanu Rahman
  15. Aslky
  16. Hikmat fauzy
  17. Hendra Linu
  18. Haryanto
  19. Nurul hidayanti
  20. Sopah wati
  21. Januar karimoto
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